Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Marriage Ministry – is the Marriage Ministry of Gospel 4 Life Church. We believe that God is Lord over our Marriages. The Marriage of a man and a woman is Holy and sanctified before God. This Ministry is for couples that want to strengthen their marriages to last the test of time. Learning to love each other as God intended is the goal. Working threw issues, and dealing with problems solving is the quest. To create an atmosphere of peace, love and harmony at home between husband and wife. Feeling the joy and pleasures of two people that have come together to share the unity of marriage. Two people that said yes, before others, and yes before God! Two people; now one love.

Lord of the Rings marriage ministry is to share biblical and practical principles as they relate to the roles and responsibilities of husband and wives. It is not just for young marriages, but for each couple that is committed to the success of their marriage and the marriages of others. Lord of the Rings is dedicated to the development, enrichment and prosperity of marriages by providing Godly instruction, good fellowship and confidential counseling.